Law and Order

Law And Order:
Shane - Vocals
Phil Allocco - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Sean Carmody - Bass & Backing Vocals
Rob Steele - Drums

Shane: Thanks to Christine Farrelly, John, Michael, Tina, Erica and Alaina Verdi, DuShane's N.Y.C Hawks, Chef Geoff, Jeff and Brian Szczapa, Anthony Merolla, Joseph Ippolitto, Sato Shinichi, Rendell C. Mabey, Matt Brown, John Reynold's N.J. Hawks, Joshua Fisher, Leo Gaft, Miles Saunders, Dewey Ballantine, Terrence Filewych. Fred Slater's N.Y.C Hornets. Gary Lebovics, Mick Brown, Steve Gianakouros, and Dave Saaed.

Phil: Thanks to Gina & Mark Alcedi, Pinky & Pop Allocco, John & Joann Allocco, Mikey & Tommy Allocco, Steve Car, Rob Deluca, Mike Dimmit, Adam Flax, Kerry Franzman, Hilmer Graham, Bobby Guadagno, Johnny Guadagno, Tracey Guadagno, Mike Horn, Scott Koenig, Peter Mariuzza, Salvador Poe, Alan Robert, Francesco Sardoni, Brad Tursi, Drew Tursi and Paula Tursi.

Sean: Thanks to all my family and friends. To Jamie, for changing my world into a better one. To Shannon, Connor, and Taylor for continuing to inspire and teach me every day.

Rob: Thanks to Alexandra Steele, Jackson Xavier Steele, Veronica Ramos, Marcos "Grappa" Soccolli, John Good and everyone at D.W. Drums. Special thanks to Jeff Keller

Jeff Keller Management LLC
PO Box 485, Pollock Pines, CA 95726

Graphic Design:
Paintings: Phil Allocco

©1993, ©2004 All songs written, recorded and produced by Phil Allocco, Sean Carmody, Shane & Rob Steele