Porsche Gets Mysterious With History Channel
(Here's an article about the 5 spots Allocco's directed for Porsche and History)

December 2, 2010

Porsche Cars North America is doing its first full-season integration with a TV show. The Atlanta-based company is partnering with History Channel's "Brad Meltzer's Decoded," premiering Thursday night.

The show chases down various enigmas, conspiracies and mysteries from the missing White House cornerstone to a search for messages buried somewhere in the Statue of Liberty.

The partnership, handled by AOR Chicago-based Cramer-Krasselt, gives Porsche a mini-series of its own called "Porsche: Decoded" that tells stories about Porsche brand and cars, particularly the 2011 Cayenne S. The SUV is also featured in all 10 episodes of the History series. The show's cast members drive the vehicle around to find clues to the various enigmas they are attempting to solve.

The five mini-series, produced by History, will air during commercial breaks and on History.com. Following the thematic drift of the show, the vignettes tease out the origins of the Porsche crest logo, the origins of Porsche vehicle design, and a hybrid car concept from 1900 designed by founder Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. History was given access to, among other inner sanctums, the Porsche Museum and historical archives. A sweepstakes on History.com promoting the new series involves viewers looking for clues in each of the "Decoded" episodes and deciphering them on the website for prizes, the biggest of which is a 2011 Porsche Cayenne.