Allocco Directs History’s Video On Demand (VOD) Short Series for Mark Burnett’s “Expedition Africa”

On “Expedition Africa,” History’s eight-part series from Mark Burnett Productions, a team of four explorers follow the journey of Henry Morton Stanley and his quest for the “lost” Dr. David Livingstone. And, thanks to creative programming and technology, viewers will follow their trek from Zanzibar to Tanzania via a host of different platforms, including linear, broadband, online, and VOD. The VOD series "Survival Tips" was directed and edited by Phil Allocco, written by Melissa Doyle and produced by Connie Grazia and Tony Grazia for Red Thread Production

Phil said, “It was a fun challenge to create additional content that would complement and heighten the experience of the show.” (Coincidentally, another fun challenge for Phil was on another Mark Burnett project called “On The Lot”, for FOX TV, where he was one of the short-listed directors picked by Steven Spielberg for the show that was produced by Spielberg and Burnett.)

The “Expedition Africa” experience goes into full swing on May 24. The first episode in the series begins Sunday, May 31 at 10:00 PM (EST).