Joseph Henry wins "Best of Catagory" at the Damah Film Festival

This year the Damah Film Festival was held on the grounds of the Culver Studios, where some of the greatest movies of all time were filmed : Orson Welles' classic Citizen Kane (1941), the original King Kong with Fay Wray (1933), Alfred Hitchcock's first American film, Rebecca (1940), and yes, the unforgettable Gone With the Wind (1939).

Damah Film Festival, which highlights Spiritual Experiences in Film, has announced its award winners from the 2007 show, which just took place this past weekend. Winners were announced at a gala awards ceremony Sunday night in the 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, and Best of Show categories. And the winners are...

  • 5 Minute category: "LaLiberte de I'Interieur (Freedom From Within)" by Eric Albertson, he story of a man confined to a door-less, window-less room who is helped to freedom by a mysterious stranger.
  • 15 Minute category: "5 Minutes" by Deborah Brown, which tells the story of a woman on the verge of suicide who is approached by a man claiming he is Jesus Christ.
  • 30 Minute category: "Joseph Henry" by Phil Allocco, an intriguing contrast between thought and reality.
  • Best of Show: "Spirit Child" by Elinor Geller, an animated short about a spirit child who lives happily in a cemetery until she unexpectedly stumbles into the dark.

Andrew Ramaglia, Phil Allocco, Steve Carr
& Clyde Taber
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