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DAILY NEXUS - Artsweek Picks for Santa Barbara International Film Festival

"The Truth About Lies" Nadine Bedwan, staff writer

Follow the steady descent of Gilby Small's life as he loses his job, his girlfriend and his apartment all in a single week. As a man in his thirties newly re-nesting with his eccentric mother, Gilby doesn't have much going for him. But when a glimmer of hope appears on the horizon of his increasingly bleak life in the form of Rachel, his best friend's married sister, Gilby sees no choice but to attempt to woo her... with a string of lies, of course.

When he finally lies himself into a corner, Gilby realizes he must confront himself before trying to be with anybody else. Written and directed by Phil Allocco, "The Truth About Lies" puts a comically depressing yet endearing twist on the typical romantic comedy. It forces audiences to identify with Gilby, the big liar. What is the truth about lies? Maybe that we all do it to fabricate certain aspects of our lives and ourselves in an attempt to give others a wrong impression. Or maybe that lies can be occasionally well-meaning.

"The Truth About Lies" will be screened downtown on Jan. 31, Feb. 1 and Feb. 4.